About Corax

Corax Labs is an independent cross-platform software research and development organisation with particular focus upon portable and connected technologies. Current areas of development include an ongoing programme of enhancements to Get That C, an Android app to support the YouTube channel Get That C In Your GCSE. We're also currently developing a natural language social media based artificial companion, Curator.

The Team

Our small team are driven by an enthusiasm for deliniating the interface barrier between users and computers, with a strong focus upon user-centered design. We believe that if you feel like you're using a computer, that interaction isn't natural enough.

Harry Brown - Creative Lead, Natural Language Specialist

With a passion for the English language and a flair for the creative, Harry oversees our anthropomorphisation and interface design, and drives the creative side of Corax.


Chris Thornton - Software Lead

Turning ideas into code, and leading our application development, Chris handles the technical side of things here at Corax.